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Yearly Eye ExamsAdvanced Imaging System

At Eagle Eye we believe vision is everything. Vision changes throughout life but remains important, 24 hours a day, every day. Because of this we recommend and provide yearly eye examinations for all ages.

Our eye examinations are thorough. We test for vision comfort and clarity, lifestyle needs, and eye health.

Each examination includes: visual acuity, optimal vision correction, eye comfort, glaucoma and cataract evaluation, and external/internal eye health. (We do not use the air puff believing it is both uncomfortable and less accurate than other methods. In order to fully evaluate the eye health we do dilate.) Dr. Scarbrough uses advanced technology such as random-letter generated eye-charts, computer monitors, visual fields and instant digital photography to enhance her testing and explanations. Vintage cartoons add a little fun to the exam experience. Dr. Scarbrough will discuss her findings and give solid, understandable advice regarding your eyes.

Medical EyecareAdvanced Imaging System

Dr. Scarbrough is residency-trained, one of the few optometrists chosen nationwide to spend an extra year studying eye disease. Receive analysis and treatment for your red eye, pain relief for a hurting eye, or evaluation of sudden vision loss. She will explain the rationale for monitoring, referring or starting treatment as appropriate.

Contact Lens Evaluation and FittingAdvanced Imaging System

Contact lens fitting requires time, effort, and expertise. Dr. Scarbrough will generate the proper prescription, assess lens comfort, and evaluate eye health to ensure successful contact lens wear. Because there is a large selection of contact lenses in the office, many patients are fit the same day.

New wearers are taught proper insertion, removal, and cleaning techniques; for some patients this goes quite smoothly, others need more than one visit to feel comfortable. New wearers return for a second visit to refine the prescription or address concerns.

Surgical Follow UpAdvanced Imaging System

Surgery is a big step. Some surgeries are elective and some are medically necessary. No one should have surgery without fully understanding the procedure and its applicability.

Dr. Scarbrough is conservative about surgical intervention. Before surgery Dr. Scarbrough will describe the procedure or alternatives. She refers only to proven surgeons for the best possible outcome. Afterward she may or may not participate directly in follow-up based on a variety of factors.